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German Association of the Cutlery and Flatware Industry, Solingen

Welcome to the German joint stand at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2012 - one of the most important consumer goods trade fairs in the entire Asian region.

Trade fairs have always been a gate to the world, even before the globalization of the world economy. Interior Lifestyle opens the gates to the markets of the Far East, and in particular to Japan. This country continues to be one of the world's leading economic powers and is a shining example, particularly in the Asian region, to the emerging economies in the neighboring countries and regions.

Although the Japanese economy has not been able to show any outstanding growth rates in recent years, this should under no circumstances hide the fact that Japan's economy is at a very high level of development overall and that there have been numerous indications, especially over the past few months, that an upswing is coming. The Japanese people have the requisite high purchasing power and exhibit a strong affinity to German consumer goods in many areas. For many small and medium sized companies from the German consumer goods industry in particular, it should be possible to benefit from the opportunities that will arise. Accordingly, the German joint participation at Interior Lifestyle is of central importance. In recent years several companies, especially those from the cutlery and houseware industry, have managed to use the German joint stand at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo to gain access to the Japanese market.

German Association of the Cutlery- and Flatware Industry
Neuenhofer Strasse
42657 Solingen 

Phone: + 49 212 22 67 30 
Fax: + 49 212 22 67 32 9

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