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Vinegar (of Wine) - married with a clear taste.

Our vinegar takes several months to mature in oak barrels to a gentle and expressive personality. Only then will he be married to noble, natural flavors. To products of highest quality and flavor clarity.

Cook. Spice up. Delicious.
Excellent cooking with the very best ingredients: that's what makes star cuisine. That is uncompromising taste. With our creations you can refine delicious dishes:

drinking vinegars
are perfect for pure drinking, to refine desserts or champagne as entree.

refine every vegetable. Create space for individual cooking.

Dipping Vinegars
With our dipping Vinegars you can dip everything that is worth dipping.

Look forward to uncompromising taste. To exclusive wine vinegar with personality. To little fine guys for dipping, seasoning and drinking.

Products and services

Our products are specially for cooking, dipping and grilling. They are must-haves in every kitchen and different gifts for everyone.
Drinking Vinegar
For refining desserts, pure drinking, in champagne or water - the vinegar ennobles a lot in the modern kitchen. With raspberry, cassis, saffron or even ginger.
What´s a salad without our vinaigrettes. They refine each salad and, for example, turn a couple of carrots into a wonderfully delicious ingredient for every meal in a few minutes.
Dipping Vinegar
Enjoy uncompromising taste - our great guys for dipping and seasoning.
Spoil your palate with new, unimagined nuances. To bread. To cheese. To raw food. On salad. As a barbecue sauce with cold and warm meat. There are no limits for your creativity.

Karla - Drinking Vinegar with cassis

Karla - Drinking Vinegar with cassis

Our favorite for sparkling wine and sweet white desserts, such as mousse au chocolate, panna cotta or ice cream.

Jens  - Vinegar mediterran

Jens - Vinegar mediterran

Our classic. Refine each salad and season every meal in a delicately sour style.

Tunke Feige - Dipping Vinegar with fig and Riesling Wine

Tunke Feige - Dipping Vinegar with fig and Riesling Wine

If you're not so hungry: put a small bowl of dipping vinegar on the table, with bread, vegetables or strong cheese. Ideal as a sweet and sour barbecue sauce. Also available in the flavors of date, apricot or cherry.


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Head of Sales, USA
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